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1182 Paul Kerber - Craig Millwood Adelaide University Cricket ClubSAVCA Over 50's2 1 Brighton
295 Gavin Read - Leith Dawes Hills Fleurieu Cricket ClubSAVCA Over 50's1 1 Brighton
385 Peter Rodwell - Jim Curtis SA Veterans Cricket Association - RepresentativeRiverland Tournament1 1 ACT O70
463 Michael Young - Maxwell Arney South East Coasters Cricket ClubZONE5 1 Northern Bulls
576 Greg Stagg - Christopher Whibley SA Veterans Cricket Association - RepresentativeRiverland Tournament2 1 ACT O60
661 John Cassidy - Bruce Wedding Northern Bulls Veterans Cricket ClubZONE3 1 Eastern Rangers
738 Peter Rodwell - Christopher Tobin SA Veterans Cricket Association - RepresentativeRiverland Tournament3 1 ACT O70
832 Alan Reid - Albert Singh Eastern Rangers Veterans Cricket ClubZONE4 1 Central Devils
935 C Brougham - Stephen Parsons Eastern Rangers Veterans Cricket ClubZONE2 1 South East Coasters
10No partnerships of 25 runs or greater     

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